Писмо на президента на CESMA, касаещо ситуацията на моряците в Черно и Азовско море.

To: EU Commission for Transports
EU Parliament Groups
French Ministry of the Sea
(France being president of EU)

Subject : Situation in the Black Sea and Sea of Azov

The situation in the Black Sea and Sea of Azov is becoming more complicated with the
developments of the military operations in the area. There are a lot of seafarers on more than 100
foreign-flagged cargo vessels stranded in Ukrainian waters in the Black Sea and Sea of Azov “in the
middle of the line of fire”.The International Chamber of Shipping and unions have already called for
the immediate creation of safe “blue corridors” to enable the ships and their crews to leave without risk
of missile or mine strikes. The IMO, which held an emergency meeting last week to address the
situation, estimates that up to 2,000 seafarers could be affected. Among them there are a lot of
European shipmasters and seafarers. Their families are extremely upset for their life as well as their
physical well-being. The food on board stranded ships is decreasing daily and so far there are no
possibilities for the shipowners to supply provisions on board the ships and to arrange safe crew
Bearing in mind the existing situation CESMA as well as all the maritime community in our
european countries require EU Institutions and Representatives to urge IMO as specialized agency of
the United Nations and global standard-setting authority for the safety, security and environmental
performance of international shipping to raise the matter in the UN and it’s Security Council and to
make diplomatic steps to arrange blue corridors to supply provisions and ensure safe repatriation of
seafarers on board ships stranded in the Sea of Azov and Black Sea ports in the area with military
operations. The ships are flying flags of countries not engaged in the conflict and that’s why they
should have the right of safe passage as per the UNCLOS.
With that letter CESMA intends once again to express our hope that all International
Institutions will ensure safe withdrawal of all the commercial ships from the dangerous area of Sea of
Azov and Northern Black Sea and merchant seafarers will continue their work on board ships and will
return safely at home upon completion of their contracts.
Yours Very Truly:

Capt. Dimitar Dimitrov
CESMA President
IMO Goodwill Maritime Ambassador for Bulgaria,